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Where to Buy Wine Gift Boxes

Wine gift boxes are the smaller versions of wine crates that you usually see in shops, bars and restaurants. Wine lovers and enthusiasts usually buy wine gift boxes not just for giving gifts, but for display as well.. However, not all gift shops and boutiques have wine gift boxes. These are specialized by wine box manufacturers because it also requires perfect quality for wine storage.

In the mall, you can only find slim paper bags for wine packaging. So, if you ever you want to give wine as your gift, it is highly recommended that you accompany it with the proper wine gift box. If you don’t know where to buy one, the list below will give you useful information for you to find the best wine gift boxes for your wines.

Wineries and Liquor Shop
Most wineries, especially those that manufacture high-end and expensive wines also offer wine gift boxes that best suit to each wine. These wine gift boxes are relatively expensive because they are crafted and customized for every wine and bottle size. Some liquor shops and wine shops also sell wine gift boxes, although, the selection of these boxes in liquor shops are very limited. They usually use it as giveaway to their patrons and loyal customers. If not, they are using it as promotional item to buy the wine. In this way, you can only acquire the wine gift boxes if you buy wines from them.

Crafts and Gifts Online
If you don’t have enough time to look in various wine and liquor shops, you can try searching in the Internet. There are crafts and gift stores online which offer standard wine gift boxes or customized wine boxes. You can choose from wooden boxes down to carton-made. There are also wine boxes which have wine openers and mini wine glasses. It’s more expensive than the ordinary wine gift boxes, but they will definitely make your gift extra special. Sometimes, you will pay for the delivery charge of your orders. Though to avoid these kinds of expenses, you should order in bulk or in minimum number of wine gift boxes.

Personal-made Wine Gift Boxes
If you cannot find the wine gift box design that you want, you can create your own.. You can use old hard cartons or good quality wood for a mini-wooden wine crate. You can also use natural materials such as plat fibers to create wine bags as an alternative packaging for your gift. Wine bags are cheaper than wine gift boxes and can be easily found in gift shops.

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